Hey I'm Charlotte

I'm a 30 something year old photo taker who currently resides in sunny Southsea. Things I love: Chris Stapleton, the moon, 90’s rock music, astrology, pancakes, the real housewives of Beverley Hills just to name a few. I previously worked as a flight attendant travelling all over, when I say all over, I literally mean all over from Miami to Uzbekistan. I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I’ve always been into the beauty of photography since I was a child, if you have photos up in your home I will be that person that stands there analysing every single photo - IM OBSESSED. So I got myself a very basic camera when I was in my early 20's and started to photograph everything! I would take my camera everywhere with me, and if I saw a photo opportunity I went for it! I would take candid photos of strangers, buildings, random objects you could say I was like a female Andy Warhol lols. In 2017 I purchased my first professional camera and the rest is history! If you’ve reading this and considering me to photograph you, your wedding, or your business then THANK YOU! I treat it like it’s the most important job in the world. because to me. It is. 

favourite things of a Hampshire based wedding photography


Give me the raw authentic messy stuff! I want the emotions, I want the movement, I want the ugly crying, dancing and all the sass you have! I would say my vibe is for the modern cool couples who are verging on a more on a fashionista look, over classic bridal styling. I would describe my style as dreamy, luxurious, nostalgic, and FUN - sprinkled in glitter with an undertone of retro grain.

I love motion blur, I love direct flash, and most importantly I love to make ART.

dreamy luxurious art by Hampshire wedding photographer

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field”